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Taiyo Pilots


The Taiyo Pilots are a community-driven and lore-driven NFT project and are introduced as an extension to the Taiyo Robotics Universe. The Pilots is set in an era before plagued monsters invaded and follows four factions through life in Lunar City. The Pilots utility will be a very unique form of social staking that allows you to get graphite opportunities and access to the Taiyo incubator launches in the form of whitelist spots. Taiyo pilots will give IP ownership to the holder of the NFT to allow them to create their own lore and journey.



Operators are licensed controllers of Mecha Suits. They guard Lunar City from outside invaders and protect the citizens from danger.


Enforcers bring law and order to the citizens of Lunar. Disliked by many or just misunderstood, there's no doubt Enforcers play a crucial role in stopping chaos around the City.


Rebels are the miss-fits of Lunar City; generally harmless; they are known to cause trouble and not follow the rules. Some even try to steal Operators suits and take them for joy rides around town.


Resistance members are a group of underground people hell-bent on exposing the corruption going on in Lunar City. They hate Enforcers with a passion, and most are willing to die for their cause.

Mint Info

Mint Details

Total Supply 12,500
Mint Start TBA


Oil guarantees you a Pilot airdrop on the day of mint, the airdrop depends on the "Litre" attribute on the Oil can.

10L Oil NFT's were airdropped to Taiyo GEN1 Holders, but have not been airdropped to Infant holders yet; so there's still time to receive the 5L Can and get in on the snapshot.

5 Liters


1 Airdrop

10 Liters


2 Airdrops

20 Liters


4 Airdrops

Mint Passes

Mint passes are pre-mint guarantees paid for in Taiyo's Native token $SCRAP, there is currently 400 guaranteed passes for sale buyable now.

They cost 270 $SCRAP.

These passes get you a guarantee free mint on the day of the mint.

Please make sure to read the "HOW IT WORKS?" section on the site before purchasing.

Buy/Swap for $SCRAP

Supply Breakdown


Airdropped to Oil holders.


Mint passes for 250 & 270 $SCRAP each (subject to decreases see Mint Passes Tab)


Minted in $SCRAP based on average price of $SCRAP logged each day.

What you need to know




Pilots are an expansion to the Taiyo universe, but should not be considered gen3. We hired lore writers, design teams, and storytellers for Pilots. We plan to build an innovative staking method that is lore-driven. When we have a new launch partner under the Taiyo incubator, we'll add a lore item to the website. People can follow the lore to earn unique collab-based rewards. Add this in with good art, community, irl events, and a solid team which has been tried and tested. The Pilots are here to make some noise and to stay.

No, we won't consider pilots to be a tech project. We're trying to build something that can elevate our tech products and launch the eco-system we're building on the Taiyo robotics side. We view Pilots as a lore-driven, world-building project with bonus utility added by the Taiyo robotics development team.

No, the whole point of the Pilots is to elevate the Taiyo brand and our core tech ambitions. If the Pilots are successful, GEN1/2 will be more successful than ever. The idea behind the Pilots is inclusion rather than exclusivity. We plan to build the best launch/creator eco-system that no one can ignore..